the practice of love

I will present an interdisciplinary piece, The Practice of Love, at this year’s Ultima festival in Oslo. The piece brings together an ensemble of¬†wonderful performers and artists that I love.

I tried to write something about it (I am always trying to write something about it…) and this is what I have to tell you so far:

The piece investigates the connection between life and art in a specific way – an umbilical magic, which brings together the possibility of creating art, creating life, and relating to other people, looking for empathy and a common language through speaking, singing, writing together. It also looks at the relationship between voice / presence / life and written word / absence / death: The voice comes from a living body, it is how we first relate to other humans, hearing our mother’s voice and responding to it … Whereas the dead body can no longer say “I”, and the written words are the remains that are chiseled into our tombstones. Is being drawn to words a death drive?

This is not all there is to it, of course. Does this sound heavy? Maybe that’s because descriptions tend to get heavy. Am I adapting to a certain type of language when I write these descriptions? Adapting my thoughts into¬†one set of codes. Placing one version of my self on top of other versions.

I might write other descriptions as the work progresses. They will be lighter.

Ticket links and more details coming soon.

Jenny Hval_TPOL_bw_72ppi