The Long Sleep

The Long Sleep EP is out! Very proud of this, perhaps especially proud of two things: The title track and all the work with textures and structure, and being able to work with some favourite musicians and people on this recording (somewhat weirdly described in the press release as Norwegian jazz musicians, for which I take full responsibility. I should have worded this differently. What is amazing about Anja Lauvdal, Håvard Volden, Kyrre Laastad, Eivind Lønning and Espen Reinertsen, is that they are not jazz musicians, they are just excellent musicians who all have a complex, nuanced and critical relationship with all music that is labelled with any type of genre. I still enjoyed having my inbox overflow with messages from friends using the words “soft dick jazz”). Anyway – below is the beautiful cover, made by visual artist extraordinaire Constance Tenvik, and the words I used as an artist statement for the EP. These words are also the lyrics of the track I Want To Tell You Something (which exists only on the digital version of the EP because it’s about streaming).


What am I doing here? Am I communicating? Am I promoting?

I just want to tell you something.

There should be something I could tell you, there should be something I could do to reach you directly, but there is nothing useful in the way we define “you”, or “me”. There should be something I could tell you, there should be something I could say directly without lyrics and melody.

Maybe that’s what I’m trying here. Something else than lyrics or melody. It’s not the words. It’s not in the rhythm. It’s not in the streaming. It’s not in the “message”. It’s not in the product. It’s not in the algorithms. It’s not something you decided. It’s not something they decided for you.

I want to tell you something. I just want to say: Thank you. I love you.