Hi there, it’s 2020, the year of perfect vision, what? I mean the year of continued bushfires in my beloved Australia (donate, donate or donate, or purchase the Chapter Music Bushfire Benefit compilation here), and terrible political situations all around the globe.

I am enjoying not being on social media very much this year (so far), but I’m here (it seems whenever we are offline a bit we have to reassure everyone that we are still alive, so here I am saying that), and I am spending some time with new ideas for upcoming performances in the new year. We’re going to Berlin, Leuven, North America, and more. Take a look here.

I noticed my album ended up on a lot of 2019 lists at the end of the year, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who has listened to my music with such care and excitement, even if I am ambivalent to lists myself.

To me, best-of list is of course not the ideal picture of the actual events and experiences of any given time. I know many of the people who make lists would agree, of course. I also know that lists are many times made out of love, and exist as an encouragement to listen to new music the listener might have missed. Nonetheless – lists, awards and ratings place what should be a large network of possibility (the music scene, the underground, the grass roots, the artist networks, the “us”) into a competitive, hierarchical structure based on a set of often limiting, hierarchical paradigms.

We know this already, of course. I keep thinking about this as I keep seeing lists with my album on it, and feeling both 1) gratitude for the lovely write-ups and thorough listening it (and other albums) has received, as well as 2) sadness for all the great records and artists that are overlooked, and the systematic and competitive context it all appears in.

Well – happy Gregorian New Year, old fashioned artist web site reader!