viscera (album, 2011)

Viscera (LP, 2011) is out now on cd, double vinyl and mp3 via Rune Grammofon. This album has received some absolutely wonderful reviews!

“Viscera” is set in the body. The songs are stories of flesh and travelling, both sensual and provocative. I wanted to make free music, without a conceptual framework, but realised after recording the album that all the songs deal with travelling in one way or another. Some songs have a modernist protagonist – an unknown and yet present I – whereas other songs take place in the body, visceral travelling. Inside becomes outside, the body is turned inside out.

Going back through my notes when writing the songs and improvising, I remember that I was working with different themes that have later been pushed aside. At the very beginning, I was influenced by the harsh, repetitive and pornographic language of Elfriede Jelinek and Pauline Reage, and then at some stage the focus shifted completely to Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. Perhaps what I’ve made is an explicit, visceral Orlando for our time? A being in metamorphosis, a traveller through time and body?

The music for Viscera was composed and arranged by improvising. It follows my lyrics wherever they go: spoken word, surrealist imagery, or just sound. Modernist fantasy? Fantastic anatomy?

Viscera is my first album using my own name, and also my first on the label Rune Grammofon.