previous projects

Music for theatre and dance

I have composed music for a few theatre and dance pieces, most recently a few collaboration with the Norwegian choreographer Tharan Revfem and her company Plire Multi Dance. Here is an excerpt from the show Arthropod (2008, music by Martin Horntveth and I):


Children of Klang

I was a founding member of the duo Children of Klang with the amazing sound artist/dj Elin Øyen Vister. Children of Klang became Elin’s solo project Child of Klang, but I hope to contribute again soon! Sublime sound.


Folding For Air (AUS) – 2002-4

Folding For Air (obscurely named after a George Orwell novel) were a gentle Melbourne folk band with surprisingly sharp lyrics and gritty twists (that perhaps only we can hear). Guitarist Thomas McGowan and I wrote most of the songs in drafty Melbourne houses and recorded them on my 3-track. Here are three demo songs we did that I still listen to now and then:

Lips drawing


Lips slipping

And then finally

Panicking at hanging rock

Later, we recorded an EP, Are You Afraid Of Heights?, with the full band – a rather rushed and stressed recording that was still great to be part of.


Shellyz Raven – 1997-9

My old goth band (later Ask Embla). Those were the days. Say no more! Except: I AM NOT THE GIRL ON THE COVER.