more work

Here are some of the various other projects I’ve done…

Meshes of Voice was originally a piece composed for Ladyfest Oslo by Susanna and myself in 2009. It premiered at Henie Onstad Arts Centre on March 8th, 2009, where it was performed by Susanna, me, Anita Kaasbøll and Jo Berger Myhre. It was released as an album in 2014, under the name “Jenny Hval & Susanna”, via the SusannaSonata label. Inspired by Beastiaries and Maya Deren’s surrealist film Meshes of the Afternoon, the collaboration was an exploration of both melodic and noise material, and a reverb and distortion feast.

The Dark Passenger was a collaborative performative music piece based on rituals of improvisation, conversation, revolutionary literature, the history of witches, and group therapy. It was composed by Jessica Sligter, myself, and an ensemble of 6 musicians in 2013.

Nude on Sand was a free-form folk duo: me (vocals, guitar) and Håvard Volden (guitar). We released the album “Nude on Sand” in 2012. My friend Kyrre Laastad described the music: “Taku Sugimoto, Shirley Collins, Lou Reed and Diamanda Galas meets up to share blood, and the blood hits the ground to become a little weed called Nude on Sand”.

I have also played in a few bands (a long, long time ago…search for Folding For Air or Shellyz Raven if you dare) and composed music for a few theatre and dance pieces. i have also created sound installations, most notably Innocence is kinky (2012) at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter. Innocence is kinky is a 25 minute long sound and light installation.


I’ve also written two books:

Inn i ansiktet (essay/novel, 2012, Oktober Forlag) and Perlebryggeriet (novel, 2009, Kolon Forlag).


It’s best not to try to translate the titles. They don’t make sense in English. Trust me.

Perlebryggeriet starts out as a novel and ends up as song lyrics. Set in a fictional town somewhere between Glasgow and Melbourne, it evolves around two girls in a house which slowly turns inside-out and makes inside outside.

Inn i ansiktet starts out as song lyrics and goes on a wild voice ride. It’s written in a whisper that wants to scream, a soprano dreaming of bass, or a girl dreaming a new body for herself in sound. It is closely connected with my album Innocence Is Kinky (2013).

I’ve also written lots of articles, essays and music reviews, although I no longer have time to write much beyond music. Hopefully that will change in the future.

You can’t read my books if you don’t read Norwegian. Thankfully, you’re not really losing out, there’s so much amazing literature out there. I’d recommend books by these excellent writers instead: Chris Kraus, Maggie Nelson, Clarice Lispector, Elfriede Jelinek, Anne Carson, Irena Haiduk, etc. etc. etc.


Before I released any albums, my solo project was a sleeping parasite project for years, stealing energy from my studies, other bands, friends, books and anything that came within my reach from 1999-2006. I made proper songs, the kind of songs that I could play live and that ended up on my first album, but I also did a lot of other stuff – weird shit and theatre music, monologues etc. And a couple of cover songs. The first song I ever covered, in 1999, was Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town. I love that song (THE ORIGINAL) so much!

Back in the late 90s, when I started making music (as well as web pages – I didn’t make this one by myself, though), my web hangouts were the home pages, not social networks. I loved browsing through archives of free mp3s or real media files on the internet, just listening to music or watching video clips late at night. The internet was a library (ok I also used mIRC). I love libraries. I also love SCROLLING. Thanks for scrolling with me. Jenny out.

På filosofifestival Køben 2013